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Belkin, Lisa. "The New Gender Gap." The New York Times Magazine 30 Sept. 2009: MM11.
   Women are doing better in the recession — because men are doing worse.

Belkin, Lisa. "The Power of the Purse." The New York Times Magazine 23 Aug. 2009: MM13.
   Philanthropy among women isn’t new. What they’re financing is.

Clark, Anna. "Art versus motherhood." May 17 2010.
   Commentary on the challenges faced by women artists.

Clark-Flory, Tracy. "Women's Advocates Don't Want Craigslist's Charity." Apr 30 2010.
   Equality Now featured in article on non-profits taking a stand against funding from Craigslist, which has seen record profits from sex ads trafficking girls

Ettus, Samantha. "14 Power Women To Follow On Twitter." Jan 7 2010.
   Forbes list of 14 power women to follow on twitter

Filkins, Dexter. "A School Bus for Shamsia." The New York Times Magazine 23 Aug. 2009: MM44.
   A writer returned to Afghanistan to buy a bus for Afghan girls who were attacked on their walk to school. But it turns out giving isn’t always easy.

"Five females behind the wheel at Indy today." May 15 2010.
   Record 5 women race in the Indianapolis 500.

Grunewald, Rob. The Economic Case for Investments in Young Children [PowerPoint slides]. Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis 2009.

Hibbard, Matthew. In St. Louis, Men Earn More than Women. St. Louis Business Journal 20  Jan. 2012.
     A comparison between men's and women's paychecks in St. Louis.

Hudson, Repps. "Half the Sky." St. Louis Post Dispatch 4 Oct. 2009: D7.
   A review of 'Half the Sky: Turning Oppression Into Opportunity for Women Worldwide' By Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn.

Jaben-Eilon, Jan. "Funds for Women and Girls." May 4 2010.
   Womenetics interview with Chris Grumm, CEO of Women’s Funding Network on the power of women’s funds.

Kristof, Nicholas D., and Sheryl WuDunn. "The Women's Crusade." The New York Times Magazine 23 Aug. 2009: MM28.
   The liberation of women could help solve many of the world’s problems, from poverty to child mortality to terrorism.

Landler, Mark. "A New Gender Agenda." The New York Times Magazine 23 Aug. 2009: MM41.
   Hillary Rodham Clinton talks about the Obama administration’s plans to push women’s rights issues on the international stage.

McGill, Larry. "Talking About Impact." [Weblog entry.] Philantopic. 9 Dec. 2009.
   Women’s Funding Network, Semillas, and the Women’s Fund in Georgia featured in PhilanTopic post on assessing the social change impact of philanthropy

Parker-Pope, Tara. "As Girls Become Women, Sports Pay Dividends." The New York Times Feb 15 2010.
   Studies reveal the long term positive impact of Title IX.

Pereira, Eva. "The Role Model Effect: Women Leaders Key to Inspiring the Next Generation. Jan 19 2012.
   A new study reveals just how important female leaders are for the attitudes of ambitious young women.  

Peterson, Deb. "Heavy law books gave way to a lighter fare." St. Louis Post Dispatch 4 Oct. 2009: B5.
   An interview with Martha Uhlhorn, owner and CEO of Gourmet to Go and of La Bonne Bouchee, a wholesale bakery.

Pollitt, Katha. "The Decade for Women: Forward, Backward, Sideways?" The Nation Jan 25 2010.
   The Nation’s feminist highs and lows of the past decade

Rosenberg, Tina. "The Daughter Deficit." The New York Times Magazine 23 Aug. 2009: MM23.
   Why has development in India and China led to even more discrimination against girls?

Saban, Cheryl. "Will You Be My Valentine?" The Huffington Post Feb 9 2010.
   Cheryl Saban's commentary on Women Moving Millions and the impact of women’s funds

Scrivener, Leslie. "Teachers Know Decimals Are a Girl's Best Friend." Jan 7 2010.
   Research debunks gender gap myth in math.

Simmons, Gina. "The FBI Redefines Rape, and Why it Matters." Jan 18 2012. 
   What is the affect of the new definition of rape? 

Solomon, Deborah. "Madame President." The New York Times Magazine 23 Aug. 2009: MM16.
   Liberia’s head of state talks about what the world would look like if it were run by women.

Thomas, Katie. "No Tackling, but a Girls’ Sport Takes Some Hits." The New York Times May 15 2010.
   Women’s Sports Foundation weighs in on the controversy surrounding girls flag football.

Tierney, John. "A New Frontier for Title IX: Science." The New York Times 15 July 2007.
   Under pressure from Congress, some federal agencies are investigating sexual discrimination at universities that receive federal grants.

Washington Area Women’s Foundation. "A Portrait of Women & Girls in the Washington Metropolitan Area (The Portrait Project)." Washington, D.C., 2003.
   The women and girls of the Washington Metropolitan Area:  demographics, economics, and the future

Zerbisias, Antonia. "Inequality the new normal, historian says" Toronto Star 9 Dec 2009.
   A whole generation of young women is growing up without important role models for their lives