Community Engagement

The WFSTL works for positive change in public policies at the state and federal level that improve economic security for women and girls. We welcome partnerships with other organizations working for positive change in our region. Click here to see a list of events being sponsored by some of these organizations. 

While the policy areas impacting women and girls are far-reaching, our policy priority areas include:
Gender Wage Gap

Although women make up nearly 50% of the workforce and are more likely to graduate from college and attend graduate school than men, the gender wage gap continues to be a persistent problem for women in St. Louis:

  • Women are the breadwinners or co-breadwinners in two thirds of all families;
  • On average women earn $.79 on the dollar compared to their white male counterparts.
  • African American women earn $.68 on the dollar compared to the same cohort.
  • Latinas earn only $.54 on the dollar compared to that same cohort.

While these inequities impact all women and girls, women living in poverty are more seriously impacted by these disparities.

  • These disparities cut across 93% of professions including low wage jobs.  
  • Nearly one in five working mothers with children work in low wage jobs that typically pay less than $10.10 per hour.
  • More than half of these mothers are raising children on their own; half work full time; and over one-third are poor.


American Association of University Women

National Women’s Law Center

Institute for Women’s Policy Research