Who We Are

The Women’s Foundation of Greater St. Louis (WFSTL) was founded in 2007 by a group of forward thinking St. Louis women, led by Pat Rich. Armed with an abundance of energy and a passionate commitment to improving the lives of women and girls in the St. Louis region, the fledgling organization initiated a grassroots effort to raise funds to launch the Women’s Foundation.

The WFSTL is affiliated with the national Women’s Funding Network, a group of funding organizations who are changing communities through thoughtful charitable investment.

Since its inception the WFSTL has awarded grants to more than 30 local organizations that serve St. Louis area women and girls. For more information about our grant program click here.

We are proud to be a nexus for women’s issues in the St. Louis region as we bring together actively engaged citizens from our diverse community to improve economic independence for women and girls.  The WFSTL welcomes support from anyone who is committed to removing the societal, policy and economic obstacles so that St. Louis women and girls can achieve economic self sufficiency.

Donor Spotlight: Robbye Frank


I support the Women’s Foundation because it is committed to improving economic and physical security for women and girls in the St. Louis region. All studies confirm that women in St. Louis, and Missouri overall, suffer from persistent gender wage gaps and other disparities. Yet women and girls’ needs are significantly underserved by most other charitable foundations.

We are grateful for the generous support of Centene Charitable Foundation.